What Do Writers Pack for Vacation?

While I cannot speak for all writers out there, most of us seem to love to pack books into our suitcase. I end up buying books at the place I’m traveling to, too (book buying is my compulsion/ addiction!) So, usually, my suitcase looks like this while I’m packing. When I’m coming back, the story is worse. I’m one of those after whom a new flight might be named because I end up paying so so much for excess baggage. Books are damn heavy!


Usually, vacations are the time when I unplug and chill. As soon as I start doing that, I’m flooded with ideas. As you all must have heard, ideas are these elusive and effervescent beings and it is better you jot them down as soon as they visit you or they will be lost in the ether permanently. So, I carry along a pen and a notebook.

images (6)

Apart from this, my Kindle goes with me wherever I go.

images (7)

I know this is weird – too much reading and writing material for one short weekend trip. I just like to be prepared with whatever catches my fancy at the moment! 🙂


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