Why is it so hard to Write?

Writers are of two kinds:

1) Writers who have other paying jobs and

2) Writers who do nothing else, except writing, the entire day.

The writers who belong to the former category usually find it hard to write because they have another full-time job. They complain that they do not have the adequate time necessary to write a complete novel. So, they drag the task for years and years.

Solution: A novel is about 60000 words. If you write just 200 words everyday, you should have the book ready in ten months. Do you know the time it takes to write 200 words? Not more than 20 minutes! You could type it into your phone during commute or scribble it into your book after lunch or just type it out into the laptop after dinner, instead of watching Arnab scream out on Republic TV. With two months left to edit and shape it, you could write a book a year easily.

If you need some more inspiration, I would recommend this little self-help book that explains how busy office-goers can find time to do valuable things that add meaning to their lives.

Now, let us come to the writers in the latter category. This is a hard place to be in. On one side, the pressure to exhibit success as a writer cripples you. On the other side, if you do not have an inherited family fortune, the inability to contribute to the family’s budget is vexing. With all these mounting pressures, you just cannot write.

I’ve realised that the maximum hours that you can spend writing (i.e. creating fresh content) is about 2 – 4 hours in a day. So, the rest of the time all that you do is dream, drink, talk or while away time on the internet. Instead, it might be good to have a part-time job that is not very taxing. Whatever you earn from this does add something to your pocket while also making you think about ‘other’ things unrelated to writing. It also keeps you connected to the outside world. Writing does get lonely at times.

That is the reason why I am pursuing my Masters in Business Administration. I hope to have a less taxing career coupled with my dream to be a published author. 🙂

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