What comes first? Story or Structure?

I have been fascinated by both the species of writers - plotters and pantsers. Plotters are those who plan and outline their story before beginning. Pantsers are those who write what comes to their mind and discover their story as they write. While Jeffrey Archer says that he never writes an opening scene till he … Continue reading What comes first? Story or Structure?

Indie Writers Vs. Trad-Published Writers

I am not going to talk about which is better - whether you self-publish your book or traditionally publish the same is your choice. If you want to know which is better in the Indian scenario, let me know in the comments and I'll make a separate blog post on that. For now, I want … Continue reading Indie Writers Vs. Trad-Published Writers

Why is it so hard to Write?

Writers are of two kinds: 1) Writers who have other paying jobs and 2) Writers who do nothing else, except writing, the entire day. The writers who belong to the former category usually find it hard to write because they have another full-time job. They complain that they do not have the adequate time necessary … Continue reading Why is it so hard to Write?